Are you bringing new projects to Maker Faire Detroit 2019?  Start gathering your plans and get your typing fingers ready…

The Maker Application opens April 2!

Some tips for a great application:

  • Be ready to describe how people will interact with your project — what will they do or learn?  This is one of the most important parts of  your application.
  • Know just how big your footprint will be — are you a microscopic drone the size of a bee, a gigantic sculpture, a 10×8 booth, or somewhere in between?
  • Think about how many folks will be helping you — is it just your best pal or an army of volunteers?  We’ll need a general idea.
  • Have a great image ready to upload that shows your project or idea.  Or perhaps your smiling face.
  • Does your project spew fire or otherwise need a safety plan? Be prepared to tell us more.
  • Can you get by without power or bring your own solar panel? Power spots are limited so we really appreciate self-sufficiency.
  • Been here before? Cool! Thank you. And, please don’t assume we remember all of your project details, we still need you to fill in an app.

This will be our 10th Annual Maker Faire Detroit — can you believe it’s been 10 years?!  We look forward to celebrating the folks who’ve been with us all these years.

We’d also love to celebrate those of you who were inspired by past Maker Faire Detroit’s to launch a new project, a great business, or patent an idea.  We’re also actively looking for people who want to offer hands-on workshops; start-ups working in the autonomous vehicle, AI and robotics areas;  great entertainers for the new outdoor main stage; and most importantly, YOUR inspiring invention or fun project.

We’re also looking forward to more Trekkies and those inspired by this summer’s exhibit — Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds.  We’re excited to welcome the band Five Year Mission who will bring their Star Trek inspired songs to Maker Faire Detroit.



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