Maker spaces give folks a place to gather, grow and learn together.  They are places where folks share tips and tools and sometimes a place where businesses get a start.  And, they are so much more than spaces, they are communities.  Here in Michigan we have an active and diverse network of maker spaces; many of which have been impressive participants at Maker Faire Detroit for the past 10 years.  Thank you to each and every maker space and most importantly to your members for being huge champions of the maker movement.  We appreciate you and recognize that you give hundreds of hours annually to make, run, and share your projects with Maker Faire Detroit attendees.  You are all awesome!

Who’s coming in 2019?  Let’s take a look:

Maker Works returns with the Great Maker Race.

Maker Works

The Great Maker Race

i3 Detroit is bringing a castle that we hear has flaming elements, as well as dozens upon dozens of their member’s creations.


i3 Detroit

All Hands Active are competing in the Power Race series.


The Workshop will be on hand sharing their tool expertise.

TinkerTech Makerspace will be featuring arduino based devices.


The Lansing Maker Network returns with many fabulous projects.

Lansing Makers Network Logo

Factory Two will be forging throughout the Faire.

Factory Two


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